Arrived safely in Washington Dulles airport

I landed in Dulles on time, or actually earlier that we were supposed to…

I am meeting up with Wes, who is flying in from California, we are sharing a ride down to Virgina, unfortunately his flight was delayed, so I have to wait 4 hours here.. It is almost midnight now (local Danish time), and he isn’t landing for another 3 hours… Best of all I only slept 3½ hours last night… So I can barely stay awake (Glad I am not driving tonight )

We will make a stopover in Richmond, so we don’t have to drive all the way down to VA tonight, about 400 km, then we will drive down to VA tomorrow around noon..

Tomorrow there is a meeting between me and the rest of the team behind this years event, to get all last minute issues settled… Really looking forward to this years event, stay tuned for more post from the most exiting conference in 2009..

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