Finally got confirmation.. Grown men do cry when their Bitlocker encrypted SSD disk dies ;(

Had another visit from the ever present Mr Murphy, I have had a Lenovo T420 sitting on my desk for a while, as a replacement for my T410.. Finally last night I had some time to start moving over data to the new laptop. So I boot up both laptops, both have Windows Updates ready to install.. So I thought, I might as well, let it update, while I went out to get me something to drink. When I get back, my “old” laptop would’nt boot.. The SSD disk had suddenly stopped working. Even after 1 day at work, I have found that I have a lot of ad-hoc scripts, that I had not backed up… I am going on 7 weeks paternity leave next friday, so I had written a bunch of documentation, for my colleagues to have..

So sorry to all those people I have made fun of over time, for having elaborate backup solutions for their laptops :)

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