Powershell as a webservice

Seems as if Quest has been doing some really cool things with Powershell,  from what I can read, they have “rolled” it up as a webservice, meaning that you can now run your Powershell scripts over HTTPS from either you local machine, your phone,  anything that supports a newer web browser.

From what I can gather from the manual, you install it on a server running IIS, you set up the site, security etc. Then you can connect to the site from a webbrowser, and you will get a PowerShell commandline in your browser.  Combined with Powershell v.2’s remoting features this has the potential of becoming an awesome tool. One of the nice features is that you can save “favourites” in your web sessions,  here favourites should be seen as snippets of Powershell code, that you can just click on the run.

So imagine, you have a Powershell script that runs and checks if a particular service is running, if not it does “Something”. You  are sitting by the pool drinking a nice cold beer, when you get a call that there is trouble in the office. You pick up you android phone, open up a browser connects to www.whereIWork.com/MyPowerShell, login.. click your Powershell favourite/snippet, and your are done..

If you figure out that did not solve the problem, you just do

Enter-PsSession -Computername <Problematic Servername>, you are now running a Powershell session on the remote server, where you can look around the system, and try to fix the problem, as if you were sitting in front the server, with a Powershell console open.

Can’t wait to I can find some time to get it tested, even thoug it still is in Beta.

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