Annoying Security warning in Posh

As I wrote in an earlier post I am using PowerTabs in Powershell.. I recently upgraded to version 0.99 Beta 2 and it would come up with:

Security WarningRun only scripts that you trust. While scripts from the Internet can be useful, this script can potentially harm yourcomputer. Do you want to run foo.ps1?[D] Do not run [R] Run once [S] Suspend [?] Help (default is “D”):

I got this every time I  started PowerShell because it was loading the PowerTab files in my PowerShell profile.
I know this is not good practice, but my Execution Policy on my test machine was set to “unrestricted”, so I was wondering why I still got the error. If I changed my Execution policy to RemoteSigned I got the familiar

File C:\Users\ctn\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\PowerTab\Init-TabExpansion.ps1 cannot be loaded. The file C:\Users\ctn\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\PowerTab\Init-TabExpansion.ps1 is not digitally signed. The script will not execute on the system. Please see “get-help about_signing” for more details..
At C:\Users\ctn\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1:16 char:2

  • & < <<< ‘C:\Users\ctn\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\PowerTab\Init-TabExpansion.ps1’ `

That made me remember something Mark said about Vista tagging all files to see if they are internet files or local files, trusted or untrusted.

So I looked into where Vista stores this information (If my memory was better I am sure Mark has said that as well). So I downloaded Streams from Sysinternals to see if something was stored in the stream of the files.

I did a
streams.exe c:\Users\ctn\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\PowerTab\Init-TabExpansion.ps1
Which resulted in:

Streams v1.56 - Enumerate alternate NTFS data streams
Copyright (C) 1999-2007 Mark Russinovich
Sysinternals -

:Zone.Identifier:$DATA 26

Low and behold the PowerTab files have a 26 byte “Zone.Identifier:$Data” stream.

I opened the stream to see what it… This can be done with good ol' trusty notepad
Notepad File-Name.ps1:Zone.Identifier

Notepad showed the following:


I thougt ZoneID=3 ??? I consulted the Internet I found the following table.

NoZone = -1
MyComputer = 0
Intranet = 1
Trusted = 2
Internet = 3
Untrusted = 4

I then changed the ZoneID value to 2(trusted) and I do no longer get the annoying security warning.

Just for fun I tried to change my execution policy to RemoteSigned, and it still executed the script without any trouble.

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