Getting info from the eventlog with PowerShell

Started playing around with PowerShell, so I thought I would post a few simple things on the blog, maybe you won’t find it interesting, but it is a good way for me to remember, so BLAH!.

First in order to get information from the eventlog you call the cmdlet called:

Then you need to tell it what you want to get.
get-eventlog -logname Application

Which will get you the Application log on the local machine.

That will list the entire Application eventlog to the screen, which is usually a lot of data. So we want to be able to pick specific data out of the eventlog, and here is a way to do it.

get-eventlog -logname Application -newest 50 | where {$_.EventID -eq "1"}

What this does is, it gets the Application eventlog, and gives me an object with the newest 50 entries, i pipe this object into another function called “where”,  I tell “where” to show me all objects where EventID is equal to 1. I this case you see I use $_.EventID, the $_ in powershell represents the object the as being passed into the new function, so in this case $_ represents the newest 50 values in the Application Eventlog.

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